Monstruos Y Duendes Vol. 2 : Longhin


Volume two of a four part solo album set. (Monstruos Y Duendes) The music of Myrddin goes through marrow and bone and is both complex, passionately rhythmic and profoundly emotional. He fully masters the compás of flamenco, which gives him the freedom to converse with elements of jazz or classical music. His swiftness sometimes seems extraterrestrial, but whoever takes the time to listen intensively to his music will soon find an immense world of pure emotions, beauty and peace. After five albums and numerous concerts Myrddin proves that great virtuosos of flamenco don’t necessarily have to come from Spain.

“In de hem eigen pure mix van flamenco, klassiek en jazz creëert hij met ‘Longhin’ opnieuw die unieke dimensie van diepgevoelige gitaarklanken.”  – Jazzhalo

Zeven nieuwe klankschapjes die getuigen van immens geluk.” – Dansende Beren

“Myrddin De Cauter is de belangrijkste flamencogitarist in Vlaanderen.” – De Standaard

Vinyl release 16th of October:

Monstruos Y Duendes Vol. 1 : Myfyrio

Release concerts ‘Monstruos Y Duendes Vol. 1 : Myfyrio‘ with guest appearance by Nino De Los Reyes (Chick Corea / Paul Simon) who has just won a grammy with his Spanish Heart Band.

“Masterful guitar play”Dansende Beren

“another Flemish master” – Het Nieuwsblad

“one of our most talented guitarists”daMusic

“integer, original and innovative” – Jazzhalo

“otherworldly fast fingers and lyrical sensitivity”
 – Jazz&Mo

“timeless music that you can keep listening to” 
– Klara

“full of magic, mystery and poetry”
 – Rootstime

Album release 14th of February:

Album on Vinyl and CD is available here: